Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Badab War: Back to business

This weekend just gone by was not only the Diamond Jubilee, but also my girlfriend's (aka Evi) birthday weekend. Before she went marauding off to the clothes stores with birthday money, she decided to dump me at the local Games Workshop (very considerate of her!), and while I did meander about a bit trying not to bother the staff with old war stories, I did find myself making a few purchases. My hobby shopping is almost exclusively online simply due to the discounts available, however since I was there anyway I parted with some money - I did manage to restrain fro buying an Empire army though! I grabbed copies of the audio books: Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns for some easy listening an more importantly I grabbed myself a Stormtalon gunship... 

Like most, I despised the aesthetics of the model, but after seeing more photos of the model I warmed up to the design as it started to remind of good old Blue Thunder (above). For me a lot of the problems come from the flatness of the paint job produced for the magazine, I decided that in the bronze of the Minotaurs (well my interpretation) this model might actually turn out alright.

As you can see I have gotten quite far with the kit despite the weekend's celebrations. Metallic and  detailing are the only stages of the painting left to do before moving on to final weathering and varnishing phase. I have a few more ideas I want to implement before this is finished, and as of now I don't have any deadline set, but what I do know is that I now have two kits winging (no pun intended) there way to me in the post. I am opting for the Skyhammer Rockets as weapons, simply because at the 1500 its bracket these gunships would be taking the place of my riflemen dreadnoughts (I can feel the community nerd rage rising). Whether they will perform to the same standard is another question, while it cannot be denied that riflemen reliability is optimum for a truly balanced army, I like the concept of dropping a shot and having longer range, also the ability to up my BS skill by one point and have an assault cannon as a secondary weapon, allows chances to rend higher armour values. I am hoping to pop down to the GW soon to get some friendly games in, so I can fully comment concerning performance of the Stormtalon, until then its a case of adding yet another shiny new toy to the Minotaurs Army.

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The 14th Legion

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