Monday, 28 May 2012

Site News: Over Logging!

Gah the weekend just past, reminded me a lot like the South Park episode "Over Logging", for the first time our internet went down for over four days, leaving me frustrated and disconnected from the world *cue drama*. I think it was all part of a upgrade of some sort and it looks like it is back and working fine again. I just need to that absolutely everything is connected fine again. Anyways to the the important stuff, I had a game over the weekend against an old friend and very talented player named Ru, who is ranked 28th in the UK according to Rankings HQ. He brought his lovely green tide list of Waaagh Orkimedes to face off against Lycurgon's Elite Minotaur strike force. I am currently working on the photos and writing the bat rep and I have to say the outcome of the game has changed my perspective on everything forever *again cue drama!* 

The game was also played on a fully painted gaming table, which means I managed to finish the table in time for the game and I am looking forward to uploading the last tutorial before showing the full table shot. With the table complete and a decent gaming event held, there are now plans to expand the current table to 6 x 4, build an additional table and of course play very regular games. So fingers crossed, more bat reps and more terrain/scenery/table tutorials in the future for this blog yay!

So lots of (hopefully) interesting things to share with you all, now that I have rejoined the web ranks.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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