Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sedition Wars: The Grendler

Mail from Mcvey day and the final addition to my Sedition Wars Strain collection is here: The Grendler, and my what a beast it is. My first impressions is that it is probably the largest of the Strain miniatures; including the Cthonion; and from what I can tell it's essentially a giant tentacled maw with legs on super virus steroids. The cast is nice and clean with a little bit of release agent, as I have come to expect from Studio McVey and I see very little in the way of detail loss, bubbles etc. However there looks to be one issue the tentacles...

While I had some issues with the fragility of the Strain figures, when putting together my Strain box set (the odd toe breaking during cleaning etc), I was not prepared for the tentacle components that are a key feature of this figure. These bits are extremely finely cast and I fear just looking at them will cause them to break, these components are ridiculously thin and I question whether they would be better cast in metal to reduce risk of breakage, you can see in the photo below just how thin the resin really is.

Its not a bad number of components for this kit and as you can see, a lot of it is just the body, which is beautifully sculpted with sinew, muscle and tech gear. Everything seems to dry fit well, so it should not take too long to get clean and built up. Having now handled and seen it 'in the flesh', I think the Grendler is my favourite of the Strain figures. It oozes sci-fi horror and I hope that this particular design becomes a more prevalent design with any future releases, the concept of alien mutants this big and detailed en masse, is too good an idea to pass up. Of course the Sedition Wars line is still in its infancy and anything can change with the September box game release, but for me the idea of what a big Strain beast should look like, is captured fully by the Grendler...in my opinion.

Cant wait to get this one built and start putting paint to figure.

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The 14th legion

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