Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Badab War: Terminated!

I am sure I have gone on about my love for Tactical Terminators before, either ways here is the squad I am currently working on: Terminator Squad 'Gerousias', I am just building the second cyclone missile launcher and adding the green stuff insignias before I continue painting the full squad. I have had some feedback concerning the Librarian and I am inclined to agree that the Grey Knight sword does not really fit with the Minotaurs 'look' so I will be exploring some other weapon types to give Lycurgon, but will be avoiding the spear option, I am probably looking at a plasti-card build of some sort, covered with greenstuff to make it look more 'force weapon' like.

I have to admit there is something incredibly awesome (looks wise) about a full unit of 10 Terminators, the whole laying down a curtain of fire comes to mind, thanks to the addition of cinematic effects. Game wise, there is next to no chance of me fielding this unit, but its comforting to know that should I ever choose too, I have the option!

I do want to build two more full strength squads, one with double assault cannon, the other with double heavy flamer. This will purely be for the sake of having a complete selection of Terminators...mmmm 30 Terminators on the display shelf! why stop there might as well go for a full 1st Company haha

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The 14th Legion

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