Saturday, 19 May 2012

Badab War: Brother Librarian Lycurgon

With the lack of Minotaur updates, you would think the project abandoned, but far from it. The Minotaurs project is the very reason why I have been investing so much time into getting my table complete these past two weeks, as I want to be a position to host more games without the need for my guests to have to bring anything bar their armies. However, today I took a break from the table to focus on one of the key figures of my army: Brother Librarian Lycurgon; a character based on the historical figure Lycurgus 'law giver of Sparta' and progenitor of the military Spartan way of romanticised in today's media. I have made a few figures to represent my character, but each one has been flawed in one way or the other, either being too plain or generic. However I finally feel that today I have come up with something that fits the heroic bill I am looking for.

There is still a great deal to do, such as filling in gaps rebuilding certain parts of the right arm as the shoulder pad does not fit well and there are some fine details that need to be added to give a more Greco look. But I feel once complete I will have a hero fit to lead my Minotaurs into battle! I am really looking forward to showing painted w.i.p's of this character soon.

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The 14th legion

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