Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Salute 2012 #1

I have to be honest, this year my health seemed to be an issue on the day and as a result I could not stay for the entire event as with previous years. I got as many shots as I could without annoying fellow hobbyists and although the post will go across two entries, I was not able to get as many shots as I would have liked. For this I do apologise.

As with previous years I made sure Evi and myself were armed with Advance Tickets, the advantage of this is that you join a separate entry queue which takes priority over the 'entry on the day' queue. We were lucky this year being quite close to the front and getting into the venue at around 9:40, meaning we could take a leisurely stroll around the vendors (and have a chat) before they were swarmed. However we were distracted by Star Wars cosplayers and like a kid in Disney Land, Evi just had to have her picture taken with them...

The attention of so many men, she's loving it!

I actually tried to slyly slip away after Evi's photo but the very observant officer placed me into custody and yep once again placed on my knees before Evi...she loved every minute of it! The Star Wars cosplayers are a great bunch of guys and I am really glad to see them frequenting Salute. So if you any of you guys do read this humble blog - Thanks :-)

My experience, quite a bit different

The 'first catch of the day' (sorry I will stop) was Studio McVey, it was great to see Mike and the team again, and because we were so early into the venue, I was able to have a long chat with him about Sedition Wars as my interest had increased from last year, after seeing photos of a demo game running at this years GAMA. Sadly there was no demo game available for Salute due to availability of volunteers; I might just have to volunteer for helping out next year if the same situation arises; either ways it was good to see some new products for the Sedition Wars line (see below). Mike stated that (at some cost) the new game for the Sedition Wars line: Alabaster (?) will be a tile based game with fully plastic miniatures and that naturally the formula would be the tile game, to skirmish to full war-game. But of course that would depend soley on the success of the brand as a whole. Very honest and very true.

Complete Sedition War line up thus far

All three factions will feature in the game release (September) have had new figures sculpted for the upcoming game; Vanguard get a new weapons platform, Firebrand have the new Exo suits and the Strain have a Cthonion; Mike had some of the new limited edition Sedition war box sets on hand and after seeing the lovely Cthonion in the display cabinet, I threw down my money and my loyalty to the Strain. I also grabbed the next Studio McVey pin up figure - Zeeona, which basically looks like Barbarella under attack from tentacles (ooh err). These figures were my major purchase of the day and are the current objects of obsession. I think Sedition Wars is a great looking miniature line and the story/game look set to make a very brutal and fast paced sci-fi zombie game. Evi and I will be trying the rules out (maybe on the Zone Mortalis board?) and sharing our thoughts in the future.

No lies, I am a McVey fanboy and he knows it. My whole hobby life started in 1988 and Mike's work has been the inspiration for me to keep on painting. Thanks Mike for the taking the time chat to us!

After our visit with Studio McVey, Evi and I grabbed a coffee so I could write some notes concerning the chat we just had, and also to have a look at our new purchases. We were not disappointed, the casts were crisp and the detail incredible as to be expected from industry veterans. With round one of purchases over and a hefty dent left in the wallet, it was time to look for out next victim. All this and it had only just hit 11:00am.

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