Sunday, 15 April 2012

Badab War: Vanguard Veterans 15/4/12

Some nice progress on the veterans this weekend, all little fiddly bits that nearly drove me nuts such as the riveted jump packs. Still a long way to go before I will be happy enough to start painting and there is still the some segments that will need extensive green stuff repairs. In the future I will have to make a sixth and final veteran, and once that figure gets done I will be able to strike another squad from the Shapria's list.

I also decided to do a little work on Ivanus Enkomi, a little light cleaning and basing. I did not use the terrain bit that comes with the figure set, as it puts him at a strange 'looking to the sky pose' that just does not sit right and instead have positioned him to be looking as level as possible. 

The problem of a jump pack still exist however. After a lot of playing around, none of the current jump packs fit due to the helmet crest, and as I have stated in the past I don't think having a cloak and jump pack is sensible. I do have an idea in mind that keeps the idea of a cloak but without the comedic factor of potentially setting himself on fire when taking off.

As always, plenty to get on with and of course their is Salute 2012 next weekend, let the shopping spree begin...As with last year I will do a post event report and if you see me running around and want to say hello, please do so as I always love a good chat!

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The 14th Legion

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  1. Where did you get those chest plates! I need those for my chapter!

    1. Hi and thanks for checking out the blog :-)

      The chest pieces are from Sevrin Loth's Honour Guard from Forge World. I made a few modifications using ball bearings and small shields from Scibor Miniatures.