Monday, 16 April 2012

Badab War: vanguard Display Mockup

Managed to get a lot more done last night than anticipated, including most of the texturing of my Vanguard Veteran's display base. The Veterans as you can see are pretty much done, I am just waiting on some more green stuff icons to finish curing but other than this, the figures are ready to be primed. I still have the shoulder pads to clean and convert up but have decided to do these last as they should be the shortest part of this project to complete. I am very happy with the way the Sergeant has turned out, the shoulders make him (and the other members who use the same pieces) look really intimidating, just as a Minotaur shock team should be.

These guys when complete should look really good in my display case and will be a great boost to moving forward with the Shaprias project. I have not forgotten the other units that preceded this one; the Terminators are on the last leg of the painting circuit too and I expect to have a strong finish to April with two units fully painted.

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The 14th Legion

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