Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Badab War: New Reinforcements

A quiet Easter on the 14th legion blog, but by no means an indication of lack of progress. I made a few orders here and there to supplement the next phase of my Foot Slog League army and of course with the holidays, it took longer for all the parts to arrive. I have decided this month to revamp my old Vanguard Veteran assault squad; one of the first units I built for my Minotaurs project in 2010. Originally the unit consisted exclusively of MKIII Iron armour; and were to be on foot; but I found them looking a little plain and not to the theme I eventually set out for the army. Some elements of MKIII remain such as torsos and legs but I have made sure to 'modernise' the overall look by adding MKVII helmets and the more elaborate pieces from the  Red Scorpions honour guard kit. There is still a lot of detailing to be sculpted on, but I am happy with the new look and am just awaiting arrival of the jump packs before I start thinking about painting.

I also managed to grab a Thunderfire Cannon for a pretty good price over the Easter weekend. I had planned to buy one at the start of the year but had noticed that the model has been removed from the GW website, so it looks like it will be reproduced in Finecast, something I am not confident about since my very recent Finecast upsets. Although the metal cast was a beast to build when it first hit the shelves, I do not trust GW to produce a Finecast version of the Thunderfire that has a mostly bubble free result with little loss of detail, especially since they can't manage it with the smaller models like a Terminator Librarian. Luckily for me, the kit I won has been built quite well and only requires a little cleaning before I can go ahead and prime it.

The game I had last week has also inspired me to get moving on my Realms of Battle table, which has been sitting idle/unpainted since I moved into the new house (2 years ago). So plans are underway to paint the table (and maybe the Zone Mortalis set?) in May.

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