Friday, 27 April 2012

Anima Tactics: New arrivals

Reinforcements for my Black Sun faction have arrived this morning in the shape of Kingsley Warlock and the rather lovely Lynn Steiner. While Kingsley is an older sculpt, he is a welcome addition to the collection leaving only one figure left before I am up to date with the entire Black Sun faction. Lynn is part of the latest Anima release wave from Cipher Studios and is a beautiful, if very fine sculpt. The sword has been sculpted as a rapier and by nature is a very thin piece that will require care when handling. 

I am feeling particularly energetic this weekend and I hope to start painting one of the figures in my collection this weekend. If I do manage to ignore the Strain long enough to paint some Anima, I will naturally share it here first. But in the mean time I still looking out for something big and beastly for the Black Sun...

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The 14th Legion

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