Saturday, 28 April 2012

Anima Tactics: Lynn Steiner WIP #1

Off to a good start with the Black Sun collection. Having chosen the route of pain i.e. NMM (non metallic metals), I cleaned and primed Lynn as this weekend's project. I have gotten further than I had expected, with the armour complete and the trousers in progress, I will have to think about a colour filter to use before proceeding any further, but I am sure once I have come to that decision, it won't be very long at all until the model will be fully painted (maybe tomorrow?). So in contrary to the one toed sloth ideal, it seems I can get stuff painted long as they are not Minotaur Space Marines. Either that or it is an indication that I am finally back in my painting comfort zone, meaning I have remembered the majority of my old techniques, colour recipes and gotten use to the new paints I have at my disposal. It should be noted that prior to my return to the hobby some two years ago (after a 6 year break) I had been exclusively using GW paints or the counter part from Vallejo (VGC), it is only after some six months using VMC, that I can finally say 'I am happy with the paints'. Time and practice, that is the key.

I am quite happy with the NMM armour, considering the choices I had before me. I was intending on going a more blue steel look, but unluckily I did not have the colour I wanted as a base. In the end I went for a more silver look and added a subtle tint of blues to the mix and I must be honest, I am happy with the result. For now, I have the notion in my head of getting one Anima Tactics figure painted each week (at weekends), but again this will be subject to how comfortable I am with the figures. If I get into a decent rhythm; I will naturally get more than one done; but as with all things...we shall see.

Some more new toys arrived in the post this morning, but I have been so wrapped up dealing with Lynn; that I forgot to write about them; I hope to cover them in some detail tomorrow.

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