Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wip: So what happened to those Terminators?

Regular readers will remember that my Minotaurs project was built off the back of a Terminator squad I was working on. I was still at the experimental stage of painting bronze and figure posing, but ultimately was unhappy with the look. I attempted to revisit a Terminator squad when I went and bought the complete set of Blood Angel's Terminators from the latest Space Hulk board game in December '11, again the project fizzled out. Finally March 2012, I have made use of those figures and built two squads of Terminators that I am actually happy with, they look ornate enough to be veterans and posed well enough to keep me interested in painting.

It was after a lot of hacking away that I could actually make up some of these as Assault Terminators and after a little position (and lots of hacking away) I was able to fit the 'normal' weapons on the Space Hulk bodies, this would ultimately allow me to use the Forge World Minotaur shoulder pads still sitting in the pack. I have ordered some new shields to finish the Assault Terminators and this time they are not from Scibor as I feel these bits are a little over used now and the quality of casts do not meet my standard (although I did use one Scibor shield for the kneeling Terminator - easier to hack into resin :P).

So what do people think? I personally am a lot happier with the way these guys are looking, especially when I look back at the original squad from September. I will be doing one final check for any missed Blood Angel iconography before I go ahead and prime as over the course of converting I kept finding hidden blood drops in the tiniest of places (a testament to the sculptors), and the intention is to start painting initially with airbrush this weekend. A Librarian in Terminator armour is due also to lead the squad, although it is the Finecast version as the Space Hulk version no longer appeals to me.

I have not forgotten the Contemptor you guys and gals voted for. What was once one Contemptor has become two and both 'Ajax' and 'Theokeles' will be making an appearance at some point this month, once the new parts turn up. I think the delay will be justified when you see what I have in mind ^_^

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