Saturday, 31 March 2012

Unboxing: Asterion Molloc & Ivanus Enkomi

Last week Forge World opened up pre-orders for two Minotaur characters from the Badab War; Chapter Master Asterion Molloc and Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi. These figures arrived at my doorstep this morning and despite my previous thoughts on the model, I was pleasantly surprised with what I received. The first character I took a look at was Chaplain Enkomi who is wonderfully detailed. The Crosius Arcanum is a two piece kit with a very detailed spine forming the haft that matches the chest detailing which has a sculpted rib section mounted with the Minotaurs chapter symbol, all in all very impressive and unique details. I am happy to see that the cloak is a separate piece as I had been initially worried it was part of the body leaving no room for a jump pack. With that fear now removed I am now looking around for a suitable jump pack to add - but not a pre-heresy/older armour mark.

I had a lot of apprehensions when I first saw the photos of Molloc, something (not sure what) did not sit right at first glance. But again I was pleasantly surprised to find the figure nicer in the 'flesh' than i had interpreted from the stock photos. There is a lovely amount of detail and the shield is better than I first thought. Another interesting thing is that mine came with two right arms, I am pretty sure this is a purposeful addition and  I assume it is to have varying forms of spear thrusting poses, so I will be playing with those options when I get round to building.

I am very pleased to have been proven wrong, these miniatures are a great deal nicer than the photos first made out and has actually revitalised my interest in painting more Minotaurs. While I have been working slow and steady, the arrival of this figures makes me want to step up the pace. The intention is to now start work on these two characters tomorrow morning to have them at least built and perhaps painting them alongside the tactical Terminator squad. I had the intention of posting this article earlier this morning but I had my first game with the Minotaurs which took up the whole day (thats for another report). The repercussion of the game and arrival of the Minotaurs character pack is that it is becoming more likely that my opponents will be letting me use these miniatures in our games, something I am very much looking forward too.

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