Monday, 12 March 2012

Forgeworld: Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine

Simply wow! This is a very different take on walker types that oozes Chaos Daemonetica to me, Forgeworld have been very careful not to label this a dreadnought of any kind so perhaps it is a sign of Dark Mechanicum/Demo tech being fully incorporated into Chaos? Time will tell but for now enjoy the pics.

Now it is still a little early to speculate; that this heralds the arrival of the Chaos Legions for 2012, as we still have the next Forgeworld Imperial Armour book imminent, which does focus on some Chaos (Tzeentch) vs Space Marines (The Minotaurs). However the unique design, focus on daemonic energies does tie in with some of what has been said concerning the rumoured Chaos Legions themes.

Like the dreadnought kits, arms are purchased separatley. This kit is available for pre-order now with a 2nd of April release date.

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The 14th Legion

p.s. Zone Mortalis small & large doors also available for pre-order...but somehow they seems  little over shadowed now haha

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  1. It just looks amazing... Now to finish the rest of army so I can buy this beast! Practically indestructible too, for those of you that haven't read the rules yet.