Thursday, 29 March 2012

Badab War: Terminators & Librarian Progress

Finally been able to add paint to these mini's. I have been anticipating working on this squad for some time but put them aside in favour of finishing the tactical squads off. With tactical squad 2 nearing completion; eyes and bolters left to do; I decided to start the bronze stage (the longest stage) of the Terminators. I had a bit of an issue covering the red plastic of the Space Hulk miniatures but I feel there is a nice even layer for me to start the washing phase. I think as a nice goal, having the terminators and tactical squad 2 finished for the weekend is not only achievable but also closes on the first fully painted 1000pts.

I have always liked Space Marine Librarians as they were the some of the first miniatures I got back in 1988 (along with RTB01) so it was only natural that I would have one to lead my armies today. I have had a lot of problems getting the look I wanted; initially I was going to use the Sevron loth and the Space Hulk Librarian figures, but the fact these miniatures had been so over used put me off. With a game looming I instead panic purchased the Fine Cast Librarian Terminator, but that ended badly as I got a incredibly bad cast. After a little thinking and chopping, I ended up with the miniature below, a strange kit bash of the various Librarians that I think has turned out well and looks a little different.

As you can see I have started sculpting the tabard and intend to add more layers and creases as the day progresses. With any luck I will be at the priming stage by evening time (hopefully). I am pleased with the outcome thus far and I am looking forward to painting something other than bronze next week as I feel a little burnt out with the colour. Despite the slow pace I am happy with the project as a whole, by now I have usually lost interest and moved on to something else, yet the Minotaurs and Badab War continues to interest me. With the above units now at the painting stages, I am set to have my first fully painted 1000pts army in nearly 15 years...

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