Friday, 2 March 2012

Badab War: Invasion Imminent

++02/02/12 24 Hours Before Deployment++

Last day before my first game of 40K with the Minotaurs and unsurprisingly I will be failing my project goal of having a fully painted army for the event. Despite this I have learnt a lot of new things such as airbrushing and developed a form of production painting that suits my painting style. This new knowledge will help me with any future projects and general painting productivity, I am more than satisfied with how much I have painted in the space of one month; compared to say last years output.

A few things about the game tomorrow, the points limit was dropped by the organiser to 1000pts as his intent was to field a new Heresy era Sons of Horus army, however this plan is subject to change and he may just take his Space Wolves instead. Both my opponents are extremely competitive gamers, and will be fielding the following armies: Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Chaos or Space Wolves (the organiser has three codexes he can choose from on the day). I 'think' I am ready for tomorrow's game, as in I have some dice, objective markers and tape measures, I have read the 5th Ed rule book at least once and understand what my figures can do in-game. Of course no amount of theory craft or reading can prepare you for actual engagement, so learning cap firmly on.

So what is left for me to do? Well instead of trying to rush the remaining units I have tonight, I will instead concentrate on finishing all the small details on existing units that are close to ready. No transfers will be applied yet as I am still deciding on a weathering scheme to use, but the final product should look nice regardless. I will still need to keep the painting momentum up after this weekend as it is a escalating campaign, meaning I will need to add 250pts of new stuff on top of my list, and the last thing I want is to be massively swamped by a painting back through out March. 

Regardless of this weekends outcome, I feel hungrier than ever to roll some dice. All I need now is to find some Badab separatists to battle! Photos of my 1000pts army will go up this weekend and maybe some shots of the game.

Thanks for reading (a very tired),

The 14th Legion

p.s The Zone Mortalis set has been shipped out and should arrive in the next couple of days!

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