Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Badab War: Fully Painted Stuff! No Really!

Long time readers already know I post a lot of wip shots of stuff but have little in the way of finished pieces. This is purely down to my perfectionist nature, I may not be the best painter out there, but I know what I like and expect from my work, which when working on long term projects, means...a long project : /  This has always been my curse when doing something for myself.

Anyways above is the finalised look for my infantry pieces in the Minotaurs army; complete with bolter markings but still lacking transfer (bulk job at the end). The second tactical squad is not far behind and I have all intentions of finishing it this week before finishing the second Rhino. I have this tendency to jump between painting projects which does take a much longer time but ultimately means everything ends up finishing around the same time. Weird way of doing things but it works for me, hmm after looking at the squad, I will probably change the meltagun to the 'modern' design.

The above figure is my favourite from the squad. I really like what I have done with the above Marine and for me this is what I envision after reading Minotaur backgrounds. Blood covered, malicious giants who charge head long into the fray. I am pretty happy with the paint chips as this was my first attempt at this technique (I normally use a different method) and finally the dull base with snow seems to work nicely, so I will be sticking to that.

So onwards to completion of the second squad! I know I take a long time, but I hope Badab and Minotaurs fans enjoy what they see in the long run, bronze is not the easiest colour to work with in my opinion and getting something that is both background worthy and too my personal taste is always difficult.

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The 14th Legion

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