Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Anima tactics: Getting back into the thick of things

I am notorious for picking up anything I like the look of when it comes to miniatures, the game at times is irrelevant to me. After digging around some of my old boxes I stumbled on my Anima Tactics collection, a motley assortment of figures I grabbed for the sake of (including 2 of the Ltd CMON Celia figures) some time ago. I did consider just throwing them back into the storage box; to be lost to the ages; but at the last minute changed my mind. After sifting through the boxes and blisters I discovered that I had more of the Black Sun faction than any of the others (lots of angelic type figures though), I believe these were the latest thing out when I was buying. 

So I have decided that Black Sun will be where I plant my flag, knowing nothing more than the fact they are some sort of cyber Necromatic type faction, which suits me just fine as I love the look of the figures. Now I am not thinking about games at all right now and of course the Minotaurs will still take priority, but I am looking forward to getting started on these lovely figures and eventually getting a full collection to grace my display cabinets.

I have already gone ahead and ordered the rest of the figures missing from my collection, I am especially looking forward to painting the Type-012 Hunter as it oozes character. I guess it was kind of a sign when my Morrigan order failed as I have been waiting two weeks now on an order confirmation with no response from the company at all(payment has not been accepted either!). So on that note I will take it as a sign to stick with the Black Sun.

The other Anima Tactics miniatures will be going on the eBay shop within the next two weeks.

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The 14th Legion

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