Friday, 16 March 2012

Anima Tactics: Black Sun Reinforcements

Freshly arrived reinforcements for my Black Sun collection: Raziel NK-X & Type-012. Two very cool looking figures, I especially like the NK-X with it's Hellraiser style chains coming from the back. I was surprised to discover how many pieces each figure is and how finely cast they are, I will be sure to take my time cleaning and putting these two together properly.

I have decided that regardless of stats I will be giving my NK-X double Raxxor, the two swords look immense and the concept of modelling my figure with two of these huge blades really inspires me. So for this weekend, the Minotaurs take a rest and the Black Sun march forward! I also grabbed myself some resin flagstone bases to match the art work, I bought these from Fenris Games, a resin specialists I have used a number of times in the past and recommend very highly.

Right back to the paint desk! I look forward to sharing wip pics soon.

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The 14th Legion

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