Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Anima Tactics: Black Sun Gang Built

The gang is now built up and has been cleaned, ready for the filling and priming stage. I decided on using the Promethea character instead of Clover because I managed to shave a portion of his detail off during a late night session, a replacement is en-route but for now the current Clover figure has been relegated to test figure for future paint schemes. I am glad that I decided to make use of the Promethea figure, it is beautifully sculpted and is a nice contrast to the Bio-Zombie mech of the Raziels. 

This will be the last bit of Anima for a few days as I need to do some work on the Minotaurs for a proposed game at the end of the month. This game will make up for the much hyped first game, some weeks ago (situations occurred where it did not happen sadly). After this however, it will be Anima Tactics up until the end of April.

Naturally if I do make any healthy progress, it will go up here on the blog.

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The 14th Legion

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