Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mustering for War!

It seems I have been invited to my first game using the Minotaurs for next month! Nothing quite stokes up the fires of industry than the prospect of a game. Joking aside, this was probably the best thing that could happen for the Minotaurs project, the incentive of a game versus other fully painted armies is a treat I just can't pass up and I would be shamed to turn up with grey miniatures. The game is set for March 3rd so I have just over 3 weeks to get my stuff up to scratch. My opponents will be Imperial Guard and Space Wolves/Sons of Horus, two of the harder codex's to face in this edition and my opponents are capable list builders with competitive streaks. I will be running Space Marines...

The game will be 1500 pts which is more than I originally planned to have ready by end of Feb but the allowance of Forge World units makes me very happy indeed, as a huge chunk of points can be dropped into that category alone, I think at this points level Forge World units balance quite nicely as dropping too much in this category will handicap you in a lot of missions. The game is still objective based so balancing a usable army with your favourite centre piece is crucial if you wish to have a chance of victory. Gaming has given me a nice amount of resolve and resulted in a building frenzy last night and I intend to take advantage of the momentum and get a whole bunch of stuff done today. With any luck, this evening I will have all the armour built with the exception of the Rhino's - which require some converting and Land Speeders - which still have not arrived from retailer.

The armies that will be played with are going to be pure labours of love, so I will be sure to take plenty of pictures and maybe (if I figure out how to by then), I will video the games for the new 14th Legion Youtube channel. 

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