Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Badab War: Tactical Squad 2 wip 7/02/12

At the moment it seems every time I try to sit down and paint, something more important crops up! The second tactical squad is still not done despite all efforts to blitz it. I have made a few modifications since the last time I looked at them, namely a change to the Veteran sergeant. I was not happy with the way the axe swing looked, however I wanted to keep a aggressive look to the force, so I decided to give him a combat blade to look interesting. 

To me, the combat blade actually looks better than the axe but that could be too much Space Marine computer game making me biased. I am hopefully going to sit down now (well after this post) and do another blitz on this squad, the armour is now completely done bar verdigris; although the final silver highlight hasn't appeared in the photo for some reason; so it is a case of detailing and  bolters. By the time I am done, the new camera might be here, so I can play around photographing both Tactical squad 1 & 2 at the same time.

The Contemptor Dreadnought has not been forgotten either, I have made some small modifications that I think go a long way, pics coming soon...

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The 14th Legion

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