Thursday, 16 February 2012

Badab War: Set Backs and Solutions

++ 16/02/12 16 Days Till Deployment++

So yesterday I used the momentum I had been gathering all week to put paint to tanks, however it did not go according to plan. It had been some time since I had painted any tanks/areas with large flat surfaces and I had forgotten how difficult it was to produce a smooth finish with brush, even with vallejo Model Colour paints. I found the results too grainy and less the time taken, too long for my liking (three coats usually on a grey undercoat). It was at this point that I decided to buy something that I had been putting off for quite some time.

The As196 Compressor with airbrush kit

After some frenzied research I came to the conclusion that this double cylinder compressor with double action airbrush would suit my beginner needs and perhaps still serve use once I get involved in more complex works, I have always wanted an airbrush but never had a project big enough to justify purchase, so I had research, but had never gone through with it. The thing to do now is look at the best way to mix Vallejo Model Colour for airbrush use, as my main colour (Bronze) is not available in the Model Air range, I have picked up some mixing auxiliaries for the job and will be playing around with mixes once everything arrives, so fingers crossed I will put paint to figures this weekend.

The Compressor and brush are due to  arrive tomorrow afternoon, I am hoping that this minor step back will actually lead to a massive step forward in painting speed.

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The 14th Legion

*Still no sign of those blasted Land Speeders!*

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