Monday, 13 February 2012

Badab War: Predator(s) Reporting!

++13/02/12 - 19 Days till deployment++

All three Predator battle tanks are built and ready for priming, only problem is I have run out of primer! Luckily for me I found a seller who stocks it at a reasonable price and bought three cans for delivery this week (along with some other interesting bits...). All three tanks have sponsons and tracks separate for ease of painting and the central 'command' tank will have a Chronus figure to fill the top hatch to finish the build, but that is still in transit. I have some cool marking ideas for the squadron that I think will make them stand out on table, but this will depend on how much time I have before the game, right now I will concentrate on just getting them all bronzed up and add the  final painted details after the 3rd March if it comes down to it.

My final (hopefully) Forgeworld order for this portion of army also arrived this morning, so I now have enough Minotaur rhino doors, extra armour and dozer blades to complete the design I envision for my transports last year; half the bits for my new improved Sternguard squad also arrived but I am waiting on some plastic bits to arrive before they will be ready to work on. Since I have no more primer and both the Sternguard bits and Landspeeders (3 weeks now...) are absent, I may as well build the Rhino's for my Sternguard and Tactical squads. 

Tomorrow is Valentines day so obviously there will be no updates - my partner is understanding but no that understanding! But I should be able to get some bits built and posted up before she gets back from work.

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