Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Space Marine: Dreadnought Assault First Impressions

I just downloaded THQ's Space Marine: Dreadnought Assault add-on this morning, along with the new Death Guard skin. Firstly I am really happy to see lots of dlc for this game despite the costs as it is one of the few video games I play and actually enjoy (probably too much hence the unpainted figures). Anyways I just had my first match and taste of Dreadnought Assault...

*Lets get things perfectly clear from the outset, I am the Orks in the above picture*

The Dreadnought is an absolute monster as you would expect. To claim a Dreadnought, you need to find the activation point after which a player can take control of the vehicle and uses it to assist in capturing other points, a very daunting prospect if you are on the receiving end. Since I have only played the one game (work calls boo! hiss!) I have not personally found a way of taking the Dreadnought down, despite plugging it with multiple Lascannon shots (which you think would almost be the 'go to' weapon fluff wise). While I could look it up on Google etc I am instead going to have fun figuring out what I find most effective method of eliminating this beast, the old fashioned way - trial and error.

Oh yes as a rule, no matter how cool the Dreadnought might look from a far, resist the temptation to run up to the machine in order to get a good look (like I did), the assault cannon and opposing Marines running with it don't generally like it (or maybe they do?!). I know there are a lot of people out there who don't believe in paying for dlc or anything Games Workshop, but for those who do give it a shot, you will not be disappointed as the mayhem that this content provides should appeal, regardless if you are a regular or hardcore gamer. After all the more people who buy in, the more matches there will be, which is never a bad thing. On the hobby side of things this game has done nothing but fire me up to paint my Dreadnoughts now!

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

*Space Marine: Dreadnought Assault costs 800 Xbox points which is around £8.99, sadly I am not sure about other machines.*

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