Friday, 13 January 2012

Remembering The Other Games

I owe Frontline Gamer for this one, check out his awesome blog HERE.

As regular readers are aware what little hobby I did during 2011, almost all of it was Games Workshop orientated. Games Workshop today represent a small majority of what I actually own in my wargaming/miniatures collection. Like most wargamers I have an extensive collection of Kingdom Death, Privateer Press miniatures including the entire Khador range, many Anima tactics models, Eden, Dark Age and of course a whole load of random miniatures from McVey/Hasslefree/Rackham/Anima Tactics etc. The focus of today's post however is Infinity, a anime inspired sic-fi skirmish game.

I started collecting the Aleph faction from Infinity on a whim, I saw a new faction (only the starter was available at the time) and really liked the design, so I decided to pick up a rulebook and intended to purchase every Aleph release until the subsequent refocus on my Minotaurs project. Despite being up to date to Achilles, the collection became largely forgotten, until I stumbled on January's release.

As soon as I saw the Posthuman box set, my interest was immediately re-lit and I went ahead and ordered the missing elements from my Aleph army. I am hoping that in-between painting the Minotaur units, I will get some of my Infinity miniatures built and  perhaps painted, having not played the game (but owning the rule book) I still doubt very much that I will actual play the game at all. But in the short term, getting some of these lovely figures complete will fill the sparse gallery and give me something interesting to work on and show you all. I look forward to sharing these (and other ranges) throughout 2012.

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The 14th Legion

The Full Infinity range is available from: Wayland Games - Discount Wargames

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