Saturday, 7 January 2012

Games Workshop: Krell, Lord of Undeath

It is very rare that I look to GW these days for random figures I just want to paint normally I find a faction I like and stick to it.  Also with so many other companies out there that do great individual collector pieces, it gets harder and harder to justify paying for a GW character sculpt....BUT this January things take a change. While the January Vampire Counts release is nothing new, I am making a small post concerning Krell, Lord of Undeath. I love the story of Krell's resurrection and it is great to see him make it back to Fantasy with a brand new and a very awesome re-sculpt. While the temptation is there to chop his head off and use it as a Minotaur's Chaplain I will resist (with my initial one) and paint him as is.

The entire advance order looks very impressive indeed, and is an indicator of GW's design intention for future figures, it does actually look like they are trying to live up to the self imposed title of best toy soldier makers in the world....a tall order for those of use who still remember/have Confrontation figures and other brands etc. Despite price hikes and viral advertising, this type of design quality looks like it may win the day and generate sales by appealing once again to collectors and army builders alike, and while I will not be collecting a Vampire Counts army myself, you can be sure that Krell and Isabella will feature in my display case along with any future sculpts that match this design aesthetic.

The entire Vampire Counts Advance Order is up now, with estimated shipping dates of 13th to 15th January: Wayland Games - Discount Wargames

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