Friday, 6 January 2012

Forge World: Minotaur Character on the horizon?

What I can only assume is a Minotaur's Chaplain or even the mighty Ivanus Enkomi has been previewed  in the latest Forge World news letter. I like the fact that the crest has been added to what should be an officer model, keeping it consistent with the event Boarding marine from last year. As we know the next IA book will feature Tzeencth vs the Minotaur chapter, so now is a great time to start or add to a Minotaur force as there is an excess of resin accessories currently available and from the looks of things lots more in the future. Feast your eyes on the following:

While it is obvious that the second picture is of crusade armour, the question is it just Space Marine crew or an entirely new vehicle? I am sure we will find out as January progresses, either ways it presents a way to feature a pre-heresy version of the Chronus tank character from the codex. But even if you are not a fan of the Chronus character I am sure some fans will be thrilled at having this alternate armour marks available for their pre-heresy tanks. Naturally I am really looking forward to skull face at the money is firmly on Enkomi!

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