Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Badab War: Minotaurs 1000pts *amended*

Well a belated Happy New Year to you all and apologies for the lack of updates these last few days. I am stuck in that annoying process of having to wait for numerous bits and supplies to arrive, and being the stubborn person that I am, I will not budge (painting wise that is) until those bits have arrived. On the plus side it has meant getting some game time on Space marine (Xbox) and finally hitting level 41, anyways on to the list.

The new list sticks to the format formations in the Shaprias check list so it keeps me on target in terms of painting and collecting:

Psychic Powers: The Gate of infinity, The Avenger

Sternguard Veteran Squad (5)
2 combi-melta, 
Lascannon and twin-linked plasma gun

Multimelta, Drop pod

Tactical Squad (5)
5 additional Space Marines
Meltagun, missile launcher

 Tactical Squad (5)
5 additional Space Marines
Meltagun, lascannon

Lascannon side sponsons 

I think it is a fairly flexible list, with a good amount of mech and firepower. It will struggle against optimised lists I have no doubts but it gives me something to work too and play with while I work up to 1500 (which includes the Terminators). As with all Space Marine lists, the tactical squads form the bulk of the points sink with transports and heavy weapons. I have opted for a Lascannon in one squad to give some extra punch vs AV14 should the need arise, both squads however will probably combat squad giving me end zone fire support and aggressive forward units in Rhinos finally this set up gives me a potential 6  contesting units if you include the Rhino apc's. 

For additional armour I have gone for the aged old dreadnought in a drop pod with multi-melta, simply because it is so useful as a throw away anti-tank weapon. Should it survive it's initial turn of landing, the drop pod itself makes for another useful denial device and los blocker, while the dreadnought has the option of targeting army or engaging vulnerable units in combat (anything without melee anti mech). It also means I have an excuse to finally put together my Contemptor, the dreadnought is backed up by a Predator with lascannon sponsons. Although expensive I feel the str 9 sponsons offer me a jack of all trade anti-mech platform, with high power weapons to take on AV 13 and a bit of saturation fire (ok two auto cannon shots) for any light vehicle, at this points level I think  the high strength weapons will pay dividends.

The Librarian and Sternguard are a obvious combination and since they feature in the Shaprias list (minus the Librarian) I thought why not? The accompanying Razorback gives them a ride; should I decide not to gate around; but more importantly gives me a fourth lascannon and some much needed medium range AP2 weapons in the form of the twin-plasmas guns. I expect this unit to harass and irritate in much the same vein as the Dreadnought, but with the same utility as the Predator. For me the joy of the twin plasma/las is the fact that I can scratch high armour but also throw out shots str 7 shots with the plasma, in essence giving me a mini-predator tank.

So that's the core of the list and a good platform if I get it built and painted in good time. I am looking forward to working on the third tactical Squad as it gives me a chance to paint a plasma cannon (yes I have a lot of love for the plasma!).

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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