Monday, 16 January 2012

Badab War: Minotaurs 1000pts *Final*

After spending most of the weekend with in-laws (and losing precious hobby time!) I was only able to flick open a codex and work on yet another 1000pts list. I wanted to go the Terminator route (similar to the 1500pts list) as opposed to Sternguard, in order to field a more fluffy Minotaurs force (Full stocks of Terminator Armour and MK VIII). The result is a less competitive but more visually exciting (in my opinion) list for me to play around with.

Psychic Powers: The Gate of infinity, (plus something else)

Terminator Squad (5)
Cyclone missile launcher or Assault Cannon - still can't decide!, chainfist

Multimelta, replace storm bolter with heavy flamer
Drop pod

Tactical Squad (5)
5 additional Space Marines
Meltagun, missile launcher

Tactical Squad (5) 
5 additional Space Marines 
Meltagun, lascannon

Heavy bolter side sponsons

Grand Total: 1000

So I lose an additional vehicle, lascannon and some utility mid range fire power (twin plasma guns + Sternguard Special ammunition) and exchanged it for some heavy infantry. Logic has won over cool factor, so the Cyclone missile launcher is in giving me two additional str 8 weapon shots. This means the Terminators can add some first turn firepower, at the cost of losing potential anti AV 14 (not that this list has a lot compared to the first list!). As per usual, the Terminators gate with the Librarian and generally annoy exposed infantry (such as Long Fangs), while the predator and tactical squads attempt to pop light to medium armour, very simple stuff especially for 1000pts. The list will struggle a lot with anything that contains AV 14 (Ork Battle wagon rush/Imperial Guard with Leman Russ chassis), but I am hoping that the extra mobility granted by Gate will allow me to target more side armour with krak missiles...Hmm I am thinking that at this points level, Assault Cannon may present more utility due to rending, and lower  AV saturation, I will need to field test.

Please remember these lists are in no way competitive, I stopped playing that way a very long time ago. These lists are designed to have a little fun and tries to mix in units that would normal camp the display shelf.

Thanks for reading

The 14th Legion

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