Sunday, 8 January 2012

Badab War: Ironclad Axed...Contemptor built!

The Ironclad Dreadnought has been axed! It didn't make my check list (again) of a)not fitting the look I want for this arm and b) Not being in any of my lists. However the lovely base I slaved over, did not go to waste. In fact it is now home to my Contemptor Dreadnought which had been sitting in it's box since day of release, this is just the bare bones phase and there is still a great deal of detail to add to both the base and the Dreadnought too but for now I am very satisfied with the set pose. It is quite bizarre really...with Tactical Squad #2 built and primed (except the lascannon - still in post) I found myself ahead of schedule, resulting in the me being able to finally work on this great miniature, I will be honest the  large amount of pieces did intimidate me a little which is probably why it has been sitting in box for so long (like the Achilles!).

Both the arms and the head are magnetised, allowing for weapon swaps and the ability to look left or right. While this seems a minor thing it can actually change the whole look of the model, just by moving the head and changing photo angle. As I mentioned above though, this is the bare bones stage and there is a lot of little details I will be adding to this beast over the weeks in order to make it look Minotaur esque and unique. The tactical squad remains the priority for January, but if I am able to keep this momentum up then the Dreadnought will get work done to it also, In the spirit of things I have even named this figure 'Ajax' in honour of the fabled hero and my dog and will be writing a small history for him as the days go by :)

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