Sunday, 8 January 2012

Anima Tactics: Morrigan

This beautiful figure is shipping this month, I stupidly did not buy her when I saw her a couple of days ago and now the Coolminiornot Store has sold out of it's allocation (sad panda face). Since the art work came out for her, fans of Anima Tactics have been eagerly waiting a sculpt and the preview at last years GenCon merely increased excitement and demand among Anima Tactics fans.

A truly stunning figure and one I will be trying desperately to get this coming week, I have already ordered a large resin base to use for her, I just hope my painting skills are up to the task of bringing this creature to life. I have no doubts that for Warhammer fans out there, this miniature could make a very interesting Slaanesh conversion of some sort!

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