Friday, 30 December 2011

Site News: Waiting on bit's And 2012 Plans

Things are slow on the Minotaurs front, but for once it's not due to lack of motivation! The seasonal holidays has meant the postal service has (understandably) been a little slow. I am waiting on numerous small and fiddly bits for the Terminator squad as well as shoulder pads for the second MK 8 Tactical squad. I have put in bids for the last three Space Hulk Blood Angels Terminators meaning I can bump the unit to the full size of 10, I will be converting the flamer model to an assault cannon but leaving the Lightning Claws intact for a future Terminator Assault squad. I am estimating that the Terminators; due to its size and detail; will take around 2 months to paint if i really knuckle down and work them every day. As for the rest of 2011, I am getting ready to sit down and finish the backpacks and weapons for the first tactical squad. Pigment dust for the bases are en-route but I doubt those will arrive until after after the New Year's weekend as the order is coming by second class post. I have to admit, seeing the Tactical squad  with power packs on is a real confidence boost and will be a major achievement for me once finished as it will be the first time I have finished a full GW infantry kit; just for me; in quite a few years. At the same time, it is painfully obvious that painting speed must be addressed when dealing with personal projects, while my clients always get their stuff quickly the same can not be said for my own stuff.

Despite all the fun I have had putting the Ironclads together, I am keen to get my Contemptor Dreadnought put together. I have purchased some large magnets and new 5mm drill bits, with the intent of being able to weapon swap; to suit army lists and while I do have a twin-linked lascannon arm already, I did order the Contemptor multimelta arm. For good measure I added Minotaur land Raider doors to the order for when I get round to my Achilles kit, I have some nice ideas for the paint job, but that project is still a long way off (as is the Caestus I fear) before I start. While these kits are amazing, they are Forge World rules based, which means they are at the back end of the painting line unless I can find people willing to play Badab campaigns games. I am still sticking to the Shaprias format but with the focus set on getting the bulk infantry done for games. I want to get 1000pts done and dusted, ready for me to play at least one game a month in 2012. My Minotaur force has a few Crusade era bits in the army (confiscated from the Lamenters hehe) but the overall look will remain as 'contemporary' as possible, so I have decided not to use the Deimos pattern Rhinos, Predators and Proteus Land Raiders, but instead will be loading up on extra armour to give a bulkier and more siege like look to the current plastic tank kits. Finally, I have some great ideas for 30 + Assault/boarding Space Marines I have to make up. Think MK 8 armour crossed with the image below...

Gaming...ah the big issue of 2011, next year I want to roll lots of dice, more often. I had a brief slurry of wins with Warma/Hordes but my interest in the brand has wained this year due to the Badab release. While I will always collect Khador and Blind Water releases, I doubt I will game with them for a while...consider it a Privateer Press burn out, mind you I have been playing it since 2003, so it was bound to happen. Despite 5th Edition 40K being in it's twilight, I want to play more 40K and more Forge World campaign missions with a narrative. There has been too much focus on tournament game play this edition and I for one want to get back to laid back narrative gaming. As I have said in the past, tournament style play, list and most attitude is not a bad thing, but there is a time and place for it. I will be looking to host more games at the house next year, now that Ajax (the dog) is a little older. I have the facilities to host events including a Realms of Battle table (and scenery to go with it!), so it is just a case of making contact with fellow Badab gamers and organising some game. As a minor note, I have noticed a lack of West London gaming clubs, there is a venue next door to me that has the facilities to hold a games night and having run a club before I am  considering the options of starting up a weekly session if the price and gamer numbers are right, but that is something in the very murky future!

So to sum things up, the 14th legion's goals are as follows:

Paint faster!
Play more fun games!

Not a bad set of objectives to set myself, I think yarr!

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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