Monday, 19 December 2011

Badab War: Some resin to tie me over...

The last bit of Forge World resin for the year to tie over my Minotaur's project this holiday, has arrived. I ended up grabbing two bags of each item apart from the Minotaur Terminator shoulder pads, and decided to try the newly designed extra armour kit for the Rhinos and Predators. I ended up getting these as I want a generally bulkier look to my Minotaur force to represent the siege tactic nature of the chapter as a whole. So extra armour all around for my army!

Normally chapter doors are an auto include for my Space Marine projects, but this time round I actually felt a little torn about getting the Minotaur Rhino doors. The main reason for this was the release of the Deimos Pattern Rhino (basically a kit based on the original Rogue trader kit), I was sorely tempted to load up on the Deimos kit but in the end opted for the chapter doors for consistency. According to background, the Minotaurs are very well equipped, packing full stocks of Terminator armour, MK 8 and heavy armoured support, it seemed to me a little out of sorts that a chapter so well stocked would be using a much older pattern of Rhino, considering most would have been handed down to successors chapters by legion fore fathers. I was very tempted to say "they were taken from the Lamenters" but that reason is already in place for the use of Mk 3 Iron Armour in my Sternguard unit, so 'modern' Rhinos with sculpted doors it is!

And finally the lovely Minotaur Terminator shoulder pads. Although I had axed my Terminator squad some months ago, they are back in after I made the decision to follow the Shaprias Invasion army list. The inclusion of the very detailed Terminator shoulder kit will ensure that the lack lustre Terminator plastic box set will be interesting to paint and help the unit stand out as an Elite unit. However, I am still struggling as to whether I want Assault or Tactical Terminators, logic says take Assault but I am really want a cool old school assault cannon unit teleporting around the table smoking infantry units!

So that's it, my finally Forge World resin purchase of 2011! Next year is already looking like it will have some Minotaur's goodness, so I better pick up the pace and get painting.

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The 14th Legion

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