Monday, 12 December 2011

Badab War: A small adjustment

Still suffering from some jet lag this morning and now flu (joys of coming from 31 degree to 0 degree temps)! hence the early start and post. At least this means I can get some of my thoughts (and hopefully some paint) flowing. The problem with being away for 6 weeks, is that it is easy to lose focus on a project which is already moving as slowly as this. Getting wrapped up in list writing is a sure fire way of losing time and having bare plastic toys on the field. So in an attempt to simplify this project I am again stepping away from list writing and looking for a new fluffier focus. I have many Forge World toys kicking around including a number of dreadnoughts and the Achilles Land raider, all just sitting in boxes. While the intentions of including them in an army list of sorts was genuine, the chimeric state of my list writing means that stuff keeps getting shelved and products keep getting you can imagine, the girlfriend and bank are not to happy with this (but Forge World probably love it).

SO whats the new plan I hear you cry? Well at first I thought "lets do a chapter!" but this plan would alienate some of the more unique units in my collection such as the already constructed Sternguard and Terminators. After reviewing Imperial Armour 10 I stumbled on a chapter organisation chart for the battle of Shaprias; a siege battle co-ordinated with the Salamanders, this chart has everything: Terminators, Sternguard, the Achilles and all the other trimmings, so perfect! There will be one small change to the chart and that's the dreadnoughts, my talon (3 dreadnought choices) will include 2 Ironclads and 1 standard dreadnought, as opposed to 2 normal and 1 Ironclad. Of course the same old problem persists, I know MK 8 armour is coming and I am reluctant to order bits for units I know are coming soon, on the plus side this means I can focus on getting armour out of the way

Now this has given me a nice boost to start painting again as I get to play with all the toys and with Christmas and New Year coming up very soon, I will have the time to go ahead and do this. Also if I get this format complete, it gives me a good platform for when the next Imperial Armour book hits in 2012 (meant to focus a great deal on Minotaurs).

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The 14th Legion

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