Monday, 12 December 2011

Badab War: Shaprias Checklist

Ok so I have a revamped format and a bunch of figures in various states of completion (mostly built but unpainted). I am posting up a check list of sorts to give readers an idea of the scale of this project and also as a motivator for me for 2012. Upon closer inspection, this augmented battle company is quite large, mainly from the addition of lots of armour. The fact that it features Thunder hawk transports as well, will make the cost a more daunting prospect but not impossible..who knows, by the time the primary elements are complete a plastic Thunderhawk may have already been released by then.

Numbers in red indicate how many of listed item I already have:

Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi -  1/1
5 x Space Marine Command Squad -  /5
1 x Command Rhino -  /1
30 x Assault Space Marines -  /30
50 x Tactical Space Marines - 20/50
10 x Devastator Space Marines -   /10
6 x Vanguard Veteran Space Marines - 6/6
8 x Space Marine Terminators - 8/8
2 x Dreadnoughts - 2/2
1 x Ironclad Dreadnought - 1/1
3 x Razorbacks
6 x Rhinos - 3/6
1 x Land Raider Achilles - 1/1
1 x Land Raider Redeemer - 1/1
2 x Land Raider - /2
2 x Predator Destructors - 2/2
2 x Predator Annihilators - 1/2
2 x Whirlwinds -  /2
3 x Vindicators -  /3
4 x Sentry Guns -  /4
1 x Caestus Assault Ram -  1/1
10 x Assault Drop Pods - 1/10
2 x Deathstorm Drop Pods - 2/2
2 x Thunderhawk Gunships -  /2
3 x Thunderhawk Transports -  /3

Ok so that's a huge shopping list, but I am quite happy to see that what I currently have has put a dent into it. A nice thing about this assortment is that it has enough interesting Forge World units to play about with and a decent array of codex units that can make up a variety of army lists such as: Drop pods, full mechanised and even foot slog, a liberating thought is that once this collection is complete not only will it look stunning en-masse but also provide lots of gaming combinations for regular games, Forge World missions and Apocalypse. However there some major investments in the list also, as I will have to stock up on more Land Raiders, a Caestus and a whole bunch of Thunderhawks, so buckle up as this project is in for the long haul. I am hoping that Ivanus will eventually get a model considering how Forge World seem to be adopting the Minotaurs as it's Space Marine mascot and of course I am still holding out on a whole bunch of MK8 parts, really time will tell but at least I will have a lot to do.

Thanks for reading,

The 14th legion

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