Thursday, 22 December 2011

Badab War: New Terminators Phase 1

I mentioned briefly in my last post that although the old Assault Terminators were shelved, I was to be working on a new Terminator unit. Parts of the new unit have arrived, with the remainder due to turn up over the Christmas holidays, so what did I decide on? Well its 'Tactical' Terminators; your standard stormbolter and power fist wielding Terminators; and I have even decided to use an Assault Cannon..I can almost hear cries of "why!" across the Internet. The simple truth is, I have not liked Terminator models since the old Rogue Trader box set I got decades ago and this unit will be a tribute of sorts to that very box set. So the next question is, what parts arrived in the post?

As a gift to myself this Christmas, I decided to order a whole bunch of very expensive Terminators from the latest Space Hulk board game. What better way to make your Elites look elite by using hyper detailed miniatures such as these. I did not order all of the variants, but the only ones missing as far as I can tell are the Heavy Flamer, Lightning Claws and Terminator holding a Genestealer head. I may at a later point get these figures to add to the collection as there is intention to increase the squad to 10 strong, but for now I am very content with what I have. Anyone familiar with the Space Hulk Terminators will know that this is not an easy task. For those who have not seen these before, the figures while very detailed are detailed the Blood Angel way and as a result are laden with blood drops, angel wings and other Blood Angel devices. This project is a major conversion undertaking and will require lots of chopping, scrapping, kit bashing and probably greenstuff moulded bits.

And yet, the dynamic poses of these models will make the end product extremely worth while. These will slowly but surely become Minotaur Terminators! The initial batch have fortunately not been stuck together, so I can still get to all the difficult parts and remove/replace Blood Angels iconography. As for the next batch (still due) I can only hope that they are unglued and are easy to work with. I need to make sure however that I finish the long overdue Tactical Squad before starting this (in the background), as they are pretty much done and it is only purely laziness that stops me from finishing them off. My painting plate can only get bigger as the parts for my second MK 8 tactical squad are also in the post heading my way. I really want to start 2012 with two troops and something else, all painted up and ready for the future release of 6th Ed (maybe I will even get to play this edition!).

So time to sharpen the knives, dig up the bits box and ready the paint brushes! its going to be a busy December.

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The 14th Legion

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