Friday, 14 October 2011

Badab War: Master Of The Forge

Valthex arrived yesterday afternoon, which means I can no go ahead with my Master of the Forge conversion. Due to the static nature of the sculpt there is very little you can do with this figure outside of an arm swap. I do have arm bits on the way to complete the figure but most likely I will start cleaning the figure tonight, perhaps paint and add the arms next week when they arrive.

The key parts of this figure are the Conversion beamer (naturally) and body, which are nicely sculpted and packed with detail, I suspect that the pose and mono paint job shown on the Forge World site do little to really show off the sculpt. I am expecting that in traditional rust reds, this figure is going to stand out nicely among his bronze armoured brethren.

The arms/tendrils are going to be recycled for some other tech marine based conversions (Electro servitors or something along those lines perhaps?) as they are unique components. I have been toying with the idea of a bike mounted Master of the Forge using the Thunderfire cannon chassis and tracks, but since it is not part of the current army list, that is most definitely a slow burn project.

I only have a week left before I go away, so getting stuff at least built and primed is the priority. Returning in time for the Christmas period has the added advantage however of getting more reinforcements as gifts and having plenty of home time to go ahead and enjoy the finer things in life like toy soldiers.

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