Saturday, 8 October 2011

Badab War: The List 1750pts

Where possible I try not to write lists as I find it so distracting that it I end up having no time to make the army I designed! However I have bitten the bullet with my Minotaurs and after maybe 4 revisions I have come up with a list that I like in terms of fluffiness and most importantly unique modelling options. It is really difficult to get out of the notion of competitive list building as the recent decade has provided a wave of competition gamers and why not? After all competitions means prizes and who doesn't want to win a prize? 

Now I am not against competitive gamers but there is a time and a place for that and the concept of "winning at all costs" does not translate well when going up against someone trying to run a fluff based narrative or fielding a fluff army like say all scouts... Anyways the focus of the army I have written is Dreadnoughts.

I had planned to use the Forge World Siege list for a fluffy army of walking marines with shields, backed up by Dreadnought assault talons but was greeted with the statement "Yay I can field all my ironclads in Lucius drop pods and a titan!"... so I decided to stick with a more sanctioned book - C:SM. The resulting list  gives me some nice units that that can help me recreate the look and feel of the Badab Siege list albeit without my lovely Achilles :(  (possible proxy as Redeemer or Crusader in future?) If I could have it my way, I would not have even bothered with Rhinos, but I do actually want to get beyond turn 1in the games I play, so out came the bawkses from the erh... bawkses.


Space marine librarian
Master of the Forge with Conversion beamer 

Sternguard Veteran Squad (6) with heavy flamer , 2 x combi-melta, 1 Melta bomb
Drop pod with Deathwind Launcher

Ironclad Dreadnought  with 2 x hunter killer missile, Drop pod
Ironclad Dreadnought with 2 x hunter killer missile,  Drop pod

Tactical Squad (10) with Meltagun, missile launcher,  Rhino

Tactical Squad (10) with Meltagun , missile launcher, Rhino

Tactical Squad (10) with Meltagun, missile launcher, Razorback with Lascannon and twin-linked plasma gun

Heavy Support
Dreadnought with 2 x Twin-linked autocannon 

Dreadnought with 2 x Twin-linked auto cannon

The Master of the Forge forms a fire base with the two rifleman dreads and a missile launcher combat squad to act as ablative wounds (if I am lucky with improved cover saves to) If I am lucky I might get a maxed Beamer shot in the first turn. The Librarian is there to annoy any psykers and do the aged old gating Sternguard trick as a back up for the Ironclads. I have gone OTT with the Ironclads on purpose as I really like the Forge World figures, having armed them both with two Hunter Killers missile, this also means I can scream "Fire all Rockets!" at my opponent. I have given the Sternguard a drop pod but only so I can drop the two Ironclads simultaneously, it is armed with a Deathwind launcher (lol) and will only see use as a comedic piece or contest objectives/provide (a small amount of) cover and fire support for the remaining combat squads. The Tacticals will most likely be split in to combat squads giving me some throw away units should the need arise. I like the idea of the Razorback in the list providing some much needed anti-Meq fire, without the risk of losing a marine (historically I have lost more troops to my own plasma than the enemy!).

A very random list, but one I am sure to have fun with, four Dreads kicking around is sure to provide me some entertainment and at the very least some cool looking toy soldiers. All I need now are some Badab Veterans to bully in typical Minotaur fashion :P

Thanks for reading,

The 14th Legion

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