Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Badab War: Ironclad Dreadnought wip

Ok I did not get half as much done over the weekend as I intended, but I had a 40K (ish) reason as I got sucked into Space Marine (Xbox) again. I probably spent more time customising my digital Minotaur than my real Minotaur Space Marines...However I have started making up for it this afternoon by creating a base for the Ironclad and taking photos for the bronze armour tutorial I am working on.

This is the first of two Ironclads I will be taking in my list, I opted for a more static pose to prevent losing too much time on converting since I am keen to start painting something that isn't infantry or tanks, I may go OTT with the second Ironclad though. The base is sculpted up from greenstuff with two coats of Vallejo Grey Pumice for texture. I am hoping to start adding paint towards the end of the week, assuming the weather is good enough for priming and I don't get distracted by the arrival of Valthex. However the weekend did yield some painting success as I finally managed to add a crimson/red to my Minotaurs that I like, which is great as I procrastinated a lot on painting my Minotaurs due to this. The crimson palette I am using will look great on the Sternguard and on dreadnoughts with the 'Red Hand' award.

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