Thursday, 6 October 2011

Badab War: Assault Terminators Axed!

Yep pretty much as the title says. I didn't like the way the reds came out on the Terminators and also the bronze looked pretty poor compared to the tactical squad. However its not all bad news, I dug out a concept squad of Minotaur Vanguard Veterans, I think I was intending on entering them for a Badab Bloggers competition but ended up spending 6 weeks away on contract -_- Anyways I have done away with the combat weapons and re-armed with blotters and shields to represent Sternguard/Boarding marines. I have 3/5 figures built but am too tired to photograph them, so I will be posting the pictures up of the full squad tomorrow. I won't make the mistake of launching in and splashing paint on these guys but I will aim to get some painting done on them over the weekend. 

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The 14th Legion

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