Thursday, 22 September 2011

Quick Tips#4: Seriously easy bases

Normally I can spend as many days working on a figure base but sometimes; like in the case of army painting, this is just not practical. So here is the way in which I do batch basing. You will need the following tools and items:

Vallejo Grey Pumice
Cork/chopped plastic bits
Old paint brush

Vallejo Grey pumice is excellent, the consistency is thick enough to fill gaps and create raised areas and also has more than enough texture for basing figures.

First glue some 'rubble' on your base, in my case I used small bits of cork. Once this has dried make sure you shake the bottle of Vallejo Grey before you can start applying the pumice.

As mentioned, Grey is the one you want as it has enough thickness to cover gaps. Perfect for when you want to fill in holes in old bases or in the case of this terminator, a gap between foot and base.

You can apply more layers to create raised effects if you wish, but one coat is enough for great coverage. When done as a batch, each figure takes less than 2-3 minutes to completely cover. 

The paste usually dries within 15 minutes under a strong lamp, so by the time you have finished basing a unit of 10 figures, you will be ready to move onto painting the first one!

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