Friday, 2 September 2011

Kingdom Death: King's Man and Great Game Hunter Unboxing Pt 2

The Great Game Hunter is the second figure of Kingdom Death's double August release. It is part of the Pinup line and as a result has a general/unlimited release. As with previous Pinups, the character is a heavily sexualised fantasy female with the typical fantasy armour archetype i.e. less armour to show off more assets. 

Once again Kingdom delivers with the lavish bonus items, including two pieces of art work and thank you card. As I have stated with previous releases, this items go a long way to soothing the long gaps  between releases and make this buyer feel appreciated as a customer. I can only hope that this standard is maintained as the company grows.

The Big Game Hunter is fairly plain when compared to the King's Man but is detailed enough to be an interesting paint job. The addition of the crossbow holder is what really draws the eye to the figure, as the grim/horror that is the Kingdom Death comes to light...after all, it is a naked small slave child carrying the crossbow. As we have seen in the past with such figures as the infamous 'Wet Nurse', children are not spared the horror of Kingdom Death.

Despite being an accessory to the Big Game Hunter, the crossbow holder does deserve mention. It is a very nice sculpt when viewed up close. The face has been really nicely done that it is a shame the pose will hide the sculpt once glued into place, it might be worthwhile  magnetising this part to the base if painters decide to go all out. The two releases from Kingdom Death are welcome additions to the character range, but I am still keeping my eyes open for some form of large creature that will exceed the Gorm in size but still have the 'Berserk' horror and detail of the 'Wet Nurse'. Of course time will tell and so far for the last year or so Kingdom Death have consistently produced top quality products.

The Big Game Hunter is a general release with the current stock level of 39 pieces and is available from the Kingdom Death Web Store.

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