Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Badab War: Holy smokes an Update!

It's amazing what one week of playing Space Marine can do to a guy. I had pretty much resolved myself to do no more miniatures until Forge World release the discussed MK 8 Errant armour Space Marine, but lo and behold I found myself very inspired by that accursed computer game. With almost all my infantry choices out of the question, it was really a choice between a whole bunch of metal boxes (boring) or loads of drop pods (equally boring). So in the end I wrote a new list which hits closer to the Minotaurs lore and provides me something fun to work with and the result? A whole bunch of Terminators!

According to Imperial Armour 10 the Minotaurs have high stock levels of Tactical Dreadnought Armour so with this in mind I started work on what was going to be Terminator Assault Squad Zelaos (from IA 10), however I found myself with spare Terminators in the bits box, so In the end I decided to fit a squad of seven in my list and make use of those spare bits. 

I opted for a 'balanced' setup, allowing me enough Thunder hammer & Storm shields to soak AP2, with the rest as Lightning claws for those horde encounters. As a force multiplier I will be using a Librarian with Gate and Vortex to provide mobility and some high strength shooting (albeit one high strength shot). To represent Vedic pattern Storm shields, I used Scibor miniatures 'Large Spartan shields' with the chevrons shaved off to make space for the Minotaurs chapter badge. Base wise I have a bunch of resin trench and urban bases.

The mix up may not look good to competitive players, but for me it keeps the making/painting interesting and that's all that matters really. I am satisfied that this will keep me occupied for a good month or so, before any other Forge World goodies show up. I still have that darn Contemptor to do also and I am sure once I have a squad of infantry done and dusted, the dreadnought will soon follow.

So my Badab War project does indeed live on, although as mentioned before at the pace of a one toed sloth.

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The 14th Legion

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