Friday, 23 September 2011

Badab War: Assault Terminator Update

Yesterday I started painting my Terminator assault squad. It was a mixed bag painting wise, on the one hand the bronze turned out ok like the Tactical squads, but on the other I struggled with the reds (again) and the verdigris. For some reason the verdigris came out to strong on the Terminator helmets, so I am limiting the amount applied completely.

The red is proving to be really bothersome, the books show an almost coppery red for the shoulders and I am very tempted to go the metallic direction...there are other all metallic armies such as the Executioners present in IA 10. Maybe once I have added shades, highlights and weathering it will sit better but right now I remain unconvinced about adding red to the Minotaurs uniform.

On the plus side, I have received some great feedback from the Bolter and Chainsword forums. This has given me a lot more confidence in the project, resulting in my breaking out of the Tactical Squad I started working on during summer. Regardless of the future Forge World armour release, it would be nice to have my own rendition of MK 8 represented in the army.

So plenty of Badab stuff from my end and bright future for my Minotaurs army. I think once these infantry blocks are done, some vehicles would actually be a welcome sight on the painting table.

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The 14th Legion

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