Friday, 26 August 2011

Kingdom Death: King's Man & Great Game Hunter Unboxing Pt 1

Kingdom Death struck again with two fantastic post Gen-Con releases this mont; the King's Man and Pin-up Great Game Hunter. Naturally I ordered mine as soon as the newsletter hit and yesterday I was happy to see a parcel from Poots waiting on the door step...

Kingdom Death has built a strong fan base over the last couple of years, by producing some of the most intricate and uniquely designed gothic horror pieces I have ever seen in the miniature industry and I am happy to say that the two latest releases continue to follow this trend. As with previous releases, fans are treated to card stock copies of the art work, a close up picture of the character and thank you card from the team, all little trimmings that actually (well to me) make me feel a valued customer.

Adam has stated himself a fan of the Manga Berserk (like myself!) and as such the influence can be seen in design and sculpt, previous examples being the Gorm and Wet Nurse. So when I saw the King's Man, the image of Azan of the Holy Iron Chain Knights appeared in my mind. This is a beautifully detailed figure, with very detailed plate armour and a realistically styled poleaxe.

The helm is probably my favourite part of this miniature, the clasping hands are stunning and adds a level of detail I have not seen since collecting Rackham miniatures many years ago. This figure already stands out from the intricate sculpt, but a excellent paint job will really make this stand out in a collection.

The pose is static but I assume it is give the impression of standing to attention, which works for me. I will probably be painting my one in standard metallic, similar to my Minotaurs Space Marines, I just hope I can do the figure justice.

The King's Man is a limited release of 250 units priced at $25.00 each. There is currently a stock level of 60 units from the Web store.

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