Saturday, 13 August 2011

Blindwater: Swamp Horror!

Tentacle madness will be joining the Blindwater congregation this autumn in the form of the Swamp Horror Heavy Warbeast. Pictures speak a thousand words and I have to admit, I am feeling more inspired to paint gators over Khador (heresy!). This thing reminds me of a giant mutant Thrullg so I am expecting some form of magic suppression aura and multiple magical attacks from its many tentacles, I can also envision/speculate some form of Fury generation also from kills.

I am looking forward to seeing more of the new Hordes: Domination Heavy beast/machines, but so far (and ok I am biased!) Blindwater looks to be winning the creepy awesome factor! This has given me a real boost in the Privateer Press purchase area. Ever since I started playing Hordes (since last year) I have found myself moving further away from Warmachine; to the extent that I collect Khador for the sake of collecting and do not even game with them anymore. On the plus side, I have a bunch of gators sitting in front of me,; built, primed and ready to have paint applied! Things are stirring in the Bayou...

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