Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Badab War: What to do?!

It seems I may have to put the bulk of the Minotaur army on hold. After a little bit of research, it is almost certain that Forge World will be releasing Mk8 armour packs complete with ankle/glove reinforcements and a new helmet design, further more there are also plans for a Mk 8 assault pack. While in the long term this is great news, as the army was always intended to be fully Mk 8, but in the short term is makes the tactical squad I have not worth finishing! I might just go ahead and finish it, then mix and match the new armour when it finally releases.

With this in mind, I guess this would be an opportune time to work on the non-infantry elements of the army, such as the Contemptor dreadnought and tanks...I also have my HQ choice waiting to be finished, perhaps today should be dedicated to his completion ^^

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The 14th Legion

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