Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kingdom Death: Teasers

A little teaser from the KD gang today, not sure quite what to make of it yet but it looks like either a chest plate or perhaps a shield. This could be part of the rumoured next big beastie floating about, but my money is on either a Manhunter sized beastie or even a tanker class full plate knight.

Either way it looks ornate as to be expected from the KD team, and I look forward over the coming weeks to seeing more or perhaps even the release of the above figure. Below is an older picture of a test tile for the KD game mentioned last Autumn, while still in it's infant stages it is a promising look at the creative style proposed for this dungeon crawl.

This teaser combined with photos of dungeon test tiles indicate a big push of KD stuff for 2011 towards the goal of a game release. I for one am very excited at the prospects of a dungeon crawl and more  fiendish creations to add to current releases. A complete dungeon crawl combined with the horror theme will make for a visually stunning set up when compared to more the more main stream wargames and gives gamers something different, hopefully akin to a Warhamer Quest experience. 

I just hope when the pre-orders come up that I am at a computer, curse you out of town job!

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The 14th Legion

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