Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Badab War: Something resin this way Comes...

The Minotaurs enter in full force this morning, with lots of resin reinforcements from Forge World (and other places).  I picked up a mixed assortment of models to bulk up the army including two dreadnoughts and Ferrox bolters for my Sternguard, the rest of the items are more vanity purchases that will provide me weeks of modelling and painting fun but will probably see little game time.

I managed to get my hands on the six of the new MKII jump packs for my Vanguard unit, the only decision I have to make now is whether or not to magnetise them as in all honesty I would only field them for the 'Heroic Intervention' gimmick.

The resin pile in all of its glory, underneath all this (somewhere) is the following: MKIV Venerable Dreadnought, MKIV Multimelta & left close combat arm, the Ferrox bolters and...a Land Raider Achilles. The Minotaur transfer sheet is plain enough to see and I am pleasantly surprised at how large the sheet actually is, having never bought one from Forge World before. 

The Ironclad Dreadnought actually arrived over the weekend so I managed to get some build time on it, I did order two close combat weapons but the packet I received has the wrong arm stem. I have emailed Forge World concerning this and it will be interesting to see how they handle this situation (I provided a photo of the mis-packed pieces), I have always had excellent customer service from Privateer Press concerning missing/mis-pack parts and I am keen to see how GW's sister company handles this situation today. I have gone and stuck the Hurricane bolter on it instead, and quite frankly I love it! I will be adding a bunch of things to this model today (hopefully) with the intention of priming and if I am really lucky adding base colours, but with a new out of town project this week I will be away from the painting table yet again until next weekend. 

To many toys and not enough time vs not enough toys and too much time!

So my Minotaurs task force is well on the way, I am expecting the parts for my Tactical Squads to arrive this week along with a whole bunch of armour and once those are arrive I will have the first 1500 pts in possession, only thing to do is build and paint like a maniac and start rolling some dice!

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